Approaches to Learning at MIS – How Grade 6 students learn outside the classroom

From hosting SCIS track and field events on its Olympic sized 8-lane track toparticipating in outdoor activities, Munich International School’s campus allows our students to learn and challenge themselves in a variety of surroundings.

This week Middle School Grade 6 students applied their Approaches to Learning (ATL) skills by displaying resiliency during their Ethics lessons through outdoor activities. Their first lesson involved collaborating in teams, making decisions in those teams and using equipment in hypothetical survival-based situations.

Over the course of a further three lessons, students took part in a rotation of different activities. They needed to work in teams to build shelters in a safe area, to collect water through an obstacle course, and find a way to send messages to allow them to be rescued.

Students were then encouraged to reflect on the different ATL skills that they needed, what they did as a team when something was not working and how these skills relate to their learning within the classroom. 

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