Cheers for the House System!

This morning, our students gathered to cheer for the recently implemented House System.

The House System at MIS originated from the desire of students to have a greater sense of community, student leadership and school spirit within our daily school life. The mission is to nurture collaboration and student leadership, to challenge students to work together across grade levels and to inspire community spirit and service.

House identity is a critical component of a strong house system. The names of the houses provide a sense of identity and a source of pride. In order to ensure student voice in decision-making, the task of choosing the House names was given to the students, and a wide range of suggestions were put forth. The Six House names were chosen by students in the middle school in the Autumn 2018 term. The theme of the Houses is Mythical Creatures, which lends itself to both the medieval history of Bavaria and the international nature of our student body. Each house has character traits associated with its’ mascot.

Shenlong – Good luck, strength, growth

Pegasus – Freedom, Power, wisdom

Enfield Subtlety, fierceness, fortitude

Sphinx – Strength, ferocity, wisdom

Phoenix – Strength, renewal, transformation

Griffin – Courage, boldness, strength

We are very excited to see the House System playing an important role in our school culture, one in which everyone feels empowered and included.

Welcome to our interactive map. Please feel free to explore.

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