Eco School Award Ceremony - THREE Stars for Munich International School

On Monday 9 December MIS received again the ECO School Award 2019 and therefore obtains its status as “Environmental School in Europe / International Sustainability School” (with 3-stars and highest category) for school year 2019/20.

MIS has received the THREE STAR (highest level) Eco-Award “Environmental School in Europe / International Agenda 21” for two consecutive years which makes this the third year that MIS has won the European Eco-School Award!

In total 479 Schools in Bavaria received the Eco School Award 2019 (SY 2028/19) in the three categories. 521 schools applied for the award. 700 schools will attend in SY 2019/20 in Bavaria. Worldwide there exist 49.000 ECO Schools. 

Themes/Focus for school year 2018/19:

  • Avoid waste in schools (plastic, paper, food, school material) and recycle or reuse
  • Insects & Bees

Sustainability projects in school in general MIS eco key projects in SY 2018/19 were

  • Plastic Ban & Install new Water Fountains
  • Herb Garden in the eco garden
  • Flower meadows for insects and bee keeping etc.

Student-driven eco school projects in SY 2019/20 will include, for example, measuring the carbon footprint of the school, the new energy supply system (100% green electric power), reducing paper usage, green purchasing of school materials, green travelling policy and planting trees. 

The goal of all schools must be to move from sustainability projects to school structures and a green profile of a school. Roman Friemel, Eco-Committee and COO

Student Eco Projects 2017-2019

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