Exciting First Participation in Robotics Competition!

Stuttgart, 23 March 2019: This year Munich International School participated for the first time in the First Robotics Challenge! Our team of three students, Elizabeth Zhu, Patricia Strutz and Tim Visser went, with their supervisor Mr. Kurbis, to Stuttgart to compete in the German National Robotics Competition. The top team would win a chance to compete in the world championships in Detroit! The team of three was the smallest of all the teams at the competition, and the least experienced. They had only been working on their robot for one semester. Despite this they were extremely successful, at one point even in second place overall. After the randomized rounds the MIS team ,“Undecided”, were chosen to partner up for the semifinals. In a best of three showdown the team was unfortunate in that they lost connection during round two.

However, they earned the biggest applause of the day when their partner team’s robot fell over and was immobile, our team used our robot to pick the other robot up. The commentator said he’d never seen that in any competition before and the crowd went wild providing enthusiastic applause.

We look forward to continuing with this Robotics club and competition in future competitions.

A special thanks to the Science Inspiration Fund for making this amazing opportunity a possibility for these students.

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