MIS Leading the Way with Renewable Energy

In partnership with EGF (Energie-Genossenschaft Fünfseenland), MIS will begin major works during upcoming Spring Break to upgrade our buildings in order to use renewable energy.

The changes include the installation of solar panels as well as the centralisation of MIS’ heating system. Further developments, such as equipping buildings with more LED lighting and improving the heat distribution technique, will be part of the entire upgrade and completed by Summer 2022.

As part of the result of this changeover, Greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced by almost a half (from 900 CO2eq to 495 CO2eq).

Please click below to read recent articles published in and in Starnberger Merkur and Süddeutsche Zeitung on 10 April 2019.

Starnberger Merkur: "Große Solaranlage für MIS in Starnberg..." or here the printed version.

Süddeutsche Zeitung: "Solarenergie in Munich International School"

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