MIS' Little Shop of Horrors hits the high notes with its performances on Tuesday, 13 March

On Tuesday, 13 March at 18:30, MIS welcomed the entire community to attend and view Senior School’s Little Shop of Horrors on campus in the Performing Arts Centre (PAC).

During the evening, a group of Grade 9 and 10 Senior School students took us through the story starting in downtown Skid Row, where the audience was introduced to shy Seymour Krelborn, his unlucky colleague, Audrey, and a mysterious little plant dubbed Audrey II. As Seymour seeked the affection of his lovely coworker, he also battled for control over his fast-growing, bloodthirsty plant.

Performances and set decoration hit the high notes during the week . From the engineering skills behind the growth of Audrey II as it grows and grows into a larger-than-life plant to the musical choreography and performances by students, MIS thanks everyone who made this production possible.

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