MIS Student Youngmin Park Wins 1st Place in Maths Competition!

We are very proud of our Maths students who achieved outstanding results in the recent ISMTF competition, 8-10 February 2019, held at the Juridicium, University of Vienna. 

Not only did Youngmin Park win first place among over 200 competitors, but also did the entire team, consisting of Youngmin Park, George Shave and Tim Alexander Meyerhoff, achieve third place!

Click here to view the scores https://ismtf.org/jc-2019/scores/

From our participating student Yutian Yu:

"On 8th-10th February 6 students and myself travelled to Vienna for the ISMTF competition. Funded by the MIS Science Inspiration Fund, we had an amazing experience that not only developed our interests for mathematics but also meet other like-minded people. Separated into two parts-individual and team competition, teamwork and cooperation were also crucial. It was really a triumph for Munich International School and the whole team was euphoric when it was announced that Youngmin Park came top in the individual competition among over 200 competitors. Furthermore, the MIS team consisting of Youngmin Park, George Shave and Tim Alexander Meyerhoff came in third. Finely put by Tim Alexander, “it was a fun and rewarding experience”. The other members on the team, Patricia Strutz, Elizabeth Zhu, Eni Xu and myself (Yutian Yu) also achieved good results.

In summary, it was a great bonding experience for us and we enjoyed the math, especially since we have been preparing for this for the past year, and are extremely proud of our achievements both as individuals and as a school.

The math competition was a unique opportunity to hone our math skills and learn to bond with people from different countries. - Patricia

The competition really allowed us to challenge ourselves and improve as globally minded citizens. - Elizabeth and Eni

Again, many thanks to the MIS Science Inspiration Fund for giving us this wonderful experience and special thanks to Ms Yenni WIdjaja and My Natalia Petry for excellent mentoring and support."

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