MIS receives environmental award

Munich International School was proud to be presented with the ‘ECO School in Europe / International Agenda 21 School’ award on 10 November, 2017. This award was presented to Bavarian schools who exhibit a commitment to the environment and sustainability. This is the first time MIS has applied, and the School is thrilled to receive this distinction.

The vigorous application process includes the completion of two documented, student-led projects which provide schools with solutions for environmental sustainability. MIS students engaged in three environmental projects which served as the basis for this award: The Grade 4 ‘Kitchen Garden Project’, a Grade 12 composting project and the MIS ‘Plastic Bottle Project’ which was carried out by five Grade 4 students. 

On November 10, MIS student Carla Plechschmidt (Grade 4), Chief Operations Officer Roman Friemel and Deputy Head of School Kristen DiMatteo joined more than 100 schools from throughout Bavaria at Korbinian-Aigner-Gymnasium Erding to represent MIS and personally receive the respective award. 

The aim of the ‘ECO School in Europe / International Agenda 21 School’ award is to further support schools who face the challenge of teaching sustainable development. The goal of sustainable development education is to convey knowledge about global relationships and challenges such as climate change, the protection of biodiversity and global justice.  Understanding the relationship between economic, environmental, social and cultural factors is as much a part of learning as design competence. With this knowledge, students are more equipped to make decisions for the future and assess how their actions affect future generations and life in other cultures and nations throughout the world.

Further to the School's sustainability efforts, students from MIS will host the Youth Climate Summit on 25 November, 2017. To learn more about this initiative, please visit http://misyouthclimatesummit.de/.

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