Looking back: MIS team taking part in Business@School 2017/18

The winners of Phase III: Philip Andersson Bettencourt, Chad Tobin, Carl Schoeller, Bjorn Hoozemans, Daniel Hunt, Ilaan Balagangadharan, Mark Gibson, and Dan Glover (Teacher)

Business@School is an initiative of The Boston Consultancy Group (BCG). Every year over 2000 senior high school students get a close look at business and are mentored by real business practitioners from BCG and various partners and sponsors.

In school year 2017/18, the program was offered to Grade 11 students as part of their Friday afternoon choices. Over six months thirty students participated in the program and were mentored by three BCG consultants and two directors from Oracle. The Project is divided into three phases and each phase ends with a presentation. In Phase I students analysed a Pharmaceutical company, in Phase II students analysed a local restaurant and in Phase III students developed a business idea and presented their business plan.

The team formed by Philip Andersson, Ilaan Balagangadharan, Mark Gibson, Bjorn Hoozemans, Daniel Hunt, Carl Schoeller and Chad Tobin were the winners of Phase III. They presented their business idea, an individually customizable writing utensil in Milan where they competed with other international schools and they qualified for the last round.

We are also very appreciative of those members of the MIS community who have served as jury members. This school year the program will also be running. If you would like to be part of the jury for any of the phases or to share your business expertise with our students please get in touch with us.

Gema Quintanilla & Dan Glover
Business@School Teachers 


“It was really great to connect with kids this age especially when it was in the context of them looking at a company, analyzing it and even coming up with a business of their own creation. Last year I was a coach for a team in the programme, but this year I sat on the jury. In both roles, it was interesting to see the students experience challenges and setbacks just as analytical teams of adults do in the professional world. Group dynamics, differences in presentation styles, where to put the focus of the analysis, what’s the driver of earnings…the students had to tackle all these real life challenges and put it together in front of their peers, parents and instructors. I am really glad I was there to see it and also contribute some of my banking and finance experience to their projects. I very much respect the programme and would happily endorse it as a wonderful primer for students interested in future business careers." 
Jamie Richardson, Jury Member. 

“Business at school was an exercise in extreme management for me, essentially a crash course in business 101 for a group of 8 people, 7 of whom had never taken IB business in their life. So being tasked with analysing a multinational company and pick apart their flaws was similar to learning swimming by being thrown in the deep end. Once phase two came around we were essentially able to consolidate the skills we picked up during phase 1. Yet it quickly became apparent that these two were simply primers for phase 3, in which we came up with a business idea and developed a company around it. As team leader, I tapped into skills of management and organisation which I myself didn't even know I possessed. As a result of this we all spent long nights finalising our presentation, creating the 56th revision of my CAD model or redoing the finances for the umpteenth time. Finally, it all came together in such a way which lead us to the international finals in Milan. Throughout all the phases I and my team picked up valuable skills which are not only applicable in a business context but, especially through the presentations, dexterity in all fields." 
– Carl Schoeller, team captain.

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