Matt Smith, internationally recognised cartoonist, comic book writer and educator, visits MIS!

Supported and invited by the MIS Foundation, Matt Smith visited MIS from 16-18 April 2018 and worked with students to build literacy skills through the medium of comics. His workshops were entertaining, full of learning possibilities, and allowed students to understand the theory behind reading and creating comics, which was then put into practice with them creating their own comics.  

Workshops were tailored to each grade level, focusing on topics such as:

  • Grade 5 classes concentrated on characterisation. Activities involved identifying character traits from comic figures and learning about the process comic artists go through to reveal these traits to the reader.
  • Grade 6 English and EAL classes learnt about why Matt draws and writes his stories in the comic book format, along with the processes involved in designing and constructing his texts.
  • A Grade 8 German class learnt about the processes involved in creating a graphic novel, along with the impact of different styles of illustration.
  • Grade 11 English L&L classes and the English B class focussed on graphic novel codes and conventions and their potential impact on the reader´s experience.

Matt also visited the Middle School/Senior School Library at lunchtime for a drop-in session so that interested students could meet with him and discuss his working life. Students were interested in finding out about his life-long inspiration for his craft, along with getting some extra tips on how to create comics. Students also used this opportunity to show Matt comics, which they created themselves.

Munich International School and the MIS Foundation thanks Matt again for his hands-on, entertaining and engaging comic workshops. Students left feeling empowered and validated in using the comic format for personal expression.

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