Munich International School Qualifies for " Smile" Programme Smile

Munich International School has qualified for inclusion in the “Smile” programme. This programme allows customers to select a charity to whom donates +0.5% of the cost of all items purchased (subscription purchases and some categories of products are excluded).

In order to switch your account to “Smile”, please go to this link:

Through the “Smile” programme, all items that you purchase from cost exactly the same as they would cost through the normal portal. You do not pay a penny (or Cent) more for your items. Amazon contributes ½ of 1% of the cost of the items to a non-profit charity of your choice. By selecting Munich International School, you can direct these contributions to our School.

It is not necessary to be a current member of the MIS community to participate in the “Smile” programme and support our School. Grandparents, aunts & uncles, graduates, alumni, and other friends of the school can all contribute. Contributors simply need to go to “” and select “Munich International School e.V.” as the beneficiary of their purchases.

By participating in the smile programme, you can contribute to Munich International School’s annual giving campaign simply by conducting your usual shopping through A part of the money that you would have spent anyway will support the further development of our school and make additional resources, materials, and experiences possible for our students. Smile will inform you of how much your shopping has contributed to a donation to Munich International School.

If you have any questions about this programme, or require any assistance in getting your Smile account set-up, please feel welcome to contact us at

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