Outstanding Success for IB Diploma Graduates 2019 at MIS!

Congratulations to the MIS class of 2019, who achieved outstanding success in the IB Diploma programme!

19 students achieved an IB Diploma point total of 40 points or more. This is the largest number of 40+ point Diplomas ever achieved by a graduating class at MIS (our previous highest record for 40+ was 16 students). Overall, 96 students (out of 101 candidates) achieved a full IB Diploma (95% success rate!). University Destinations for MIS Graduates 2019 MIS graduates in the Class of 2019 will embark on studies at a wide range of universities around the world. Here is a selection of the universities where they will study:

  • Yale University (USA)
  • Stanford University (USA)
  • University of Pennsylvania (USA)
  • Wharton Business School - Huntsman Program (USA)
  • Carnegie-Mellon University (USA)
  • Northwestern University (USA)
  • Northeastern University (USA)
  • Aerospace Engineering Program at Cal Polytechnic (USA)
  • American Musical and Dramatic Academy (USA)
  • London School of Economics (UK)
  • University of St. Andrews (UK)
  • Imperial College London (UK)
  • University College London (UK)
  • Warwick University (UK)
  • Technische Universität München TUM (Germany)
  • Ludwig-Maximilians Universität (Germany)
  • Charité University of Medicine (Germany)
  • Frankfurt School of Banking and Finance (Germany)
  • University of British Columbia (Canada)
  • ETH Zürich (Switzerland)
  • University College Amsterdam (Netherlands)
  • University of Amsterdam (Netherlands)
  • Paris College of Art (France)
  • Hitotsubashi University (Japan)
  • Lomonosov / Moscow State University (Russia)
  • Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (China)

Aside from their extraordinary academic success, the members of the MIS class of 2019 also distinguished themselves as contributors to the local, regional, and global community. Several members of the class were active as leaders of service through the MIS Tanzania Project, through World Challenge, through the MIS Rotary Interact club, through individual initiatives as part of their Creativity-Activity-Service, and through a wide array of local civic organisations.

We are proud of our students. Of who they become. And of what they contribute to the world. Well done, MIS Class of 2019! We hope you will stay connected – we want to hear about all of the great things that you achieve.

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