Personal Project Exhibition

At last week's Personal Project Exhibition by Grade 10, students all across the school were able to learn and ask questions about a variety of topics presented. Here we introduce two of them:

Kathleen presented a project about Depression with the purpose of helping the visitor to better understand and connect with people who are suffering from it.

She included an interactive part in which students were encouraged to put on noisy earphones and cover their entire head with a dark box in order to reflect some of the feeling a suffering person encounters.

Joelle’s fashion project required perseverance throughout the lengthy journey of designing, producing and perfecting the dress she imagined. She encountered her biggest challenges when drawing patterns for the ruffles and for the arm and shoulder areas.

Are you a student interested in fashion design or other creative subjects? Then this school is the right place for you to explore your talents… check out our new Makers’ Laboratory facilities:

Makers' Laboratory

Munich International School is one of the only two places in Munich that currently offers facilities as such – the other location is the Technical University (TMU).

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