Saliya Kahawatte visits Munich International School

How can someone who has experienced sudden impairing sickness, unforeseeable turbulences and multiple set-backs in life not just survive and support themselves but even more live out their dream whilst life continues to be challenging? It takes determination, courage and a lot of imagination.
Thanks to the support of the MIS Foundation, we recently welcomed a person that fits the description of all the above: author and motivational coach Saliya Kahawatte.
Our guest speaker also served as a wonderful introduction to the Grade 10’s MYP portfolio topic, starting after the Winter Break, taking on possible explorations on “Inequality, Difference and Inclusion” under the umbrella of “Fairness and Development”. Memorable key points of his inspiring message were:
1. Optimism is the key to success.
2. Failure is not a crisis. It is a challenge.
3. The only disability in life is a negative attitude.
Please click here to learn more about Saliya Kahawatte and here to watch a documentary giving more insight into his trials and how Saliya succeeds in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges. In 2009 his autobiography “My blind date with life” was released and in 2017 a film based on Saliya’s extraordinary life story appeared in the German cinemas called „Mein Blind Date mit dem Leben“ („My Blind Date With Life“). The movie has already been sold to 40 other countries. Click here to view the trailer.




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