Website Instructions
Website Templates
Home The homepage template. This should only be used on the main homepage.
Content A standard content page template with gallery and sidebar area.
Detail A template used to display dynamically generated content such as blog posts, calendar events and search results. You will never need to choose this template when adding a page.
Login A standard content page template with a login box. This is used by the 'login' page, which visitors are taken to automatically when trying to access a secure section.
Web Admin A template designed to administrate links and to test features.
Web Browser Support A template used only by the ‘/website-browser-support’ page to notify visitors accessing the website in outdated browsers (Internet Explorer 8 and below).
Image Sizes
Image Width Height
Home Background Image 1568px 896px
Home Quick Links Large 514px 455px
Home Quick Links Small 514px 232px
Home News Thumbnails 465px 290px
Content Page Main Content Area 1132px (max) (no min or max)
Content Page Sidebar 1132px (max) (no min or max)
Thumbnail Photo Gallery 850px 550px

Header Portals Links

  1. Navigate to /Portal-Links-Admin-Page in the Website Administration section.
  2. Update the text feature links as required. Please keep the list format.
  3. Publish the page to update the header throughout the website.

Homepage Gallery Images

  1. Navigate to the homepage in edit mode and scroll down to the second tier.
  2. Homepage gallery images are displayed using a blog feature. In order to change the images or videos in the gallery, edit the blog post and insert one image or one video embed code in each blog summary.

Default Banner Image

  1. Replace the image default-banner.jpg or the image default-banner-mobile.jpg to change the image that will display as a default image on any content page (this image will not display if the page uses the slideshow administration feature.

Map Images

  1. Replace the images in the Map Images section to change the images in the map. Please keep the same order as the map is taking the images in the order they currently are.

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