Sailors for Sustainability visit MIS’ Middle School to speak about their global awareness projects

On Friday, 23 March 2018, MIS Grade 4 and 6 students warmly welcomed the Sailors for Sustainability to the Middle School’s Auditorium. Students were excited to finally meet their eco-heroes, Floris Van Hees and Ivar Smits, who they had been in communication with leading up to the event for several months. Floris and Ivar spoke about their global awareness project, which has them not only sail around the world looking for sustainable solutions, but also documenting and spreading awareness about it with local communities and schools.

Since September, they have regaled our students with exciting sailing stories, educated them about ecological problems and sustainable solutions, and have given them challenges to adapt our lifestyles to become more sustainable, all via video messaging while they sailed around the world. Meeting two enthusiastic activists in person was a truly inspiring event for our students and MIS thanks Floris and Ivar for speaking, and for also answering all the questions that came from our Grade 4 and 6 students.

For more information and to donate to keep the Sailors for Sustainability on their voyage for sustainability, please visit

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