Giving at MIS

Why Give?

Nurturing, challenging and inspiring students requires inspiring teachers, superior facilities, exceptional materials and the resources to take advantage of opportunities as they arise. Munich International School is able to offer extraordinary experiences to our students and community because many parents, grandparents, alumni, current and former teachers and staff, and other friends of the School have given generously in recent years.

Why does Munich International School need philanthropic support?

Tuition and fees at Munich International School are substantial. What many people do not realise, however, is that our fees are calculated with a clear intention to remain as affordable as possible. 

Our tuition fees cover our personnel costs and expenses for educational materials, ongoing professional development, maintenance of our facilities, utilities, security, cleaning and other routine spending. Our entrance fee supports periodic large-scale projects, like the new Languages, Arts and Design Centre and the new Track & Field Complex. Because we are a non-profit association and receive some funding from the Bavarian government, we must negotiate a careful financial balancing act that precludes almost any form of investment or savings.

Philanthropic gifts contribute to excellence at Munich International School in very special ways:

  • The Stefan Engelhorn lecture series brings inspirational and engaging thinkers, artists and speakers to MIS.

  • The MIS Foundation funds initiatives proposed by teachers, students and community members, like the recent visit of activist and artist, Samar Jodha, and the up-coming school-wide Arts Day project.

  • The new Science Inspiration Fund is making innovative projects in the areas of science, robotics and computer coding available to students in the Junior, Middle and Senior schools.

  • Timely completion of the LADC, the track & field and the surrounding landscaping was possible only because many donors contributed at key points in the construction process.

We would therefore be grateful to receive all kinds of contributions, both large and small. In keeping with the extraordinary views that we enjoy from our beautiful campus and the international nature of our School, there are three categories for gifts named after mountain peaks:

  • Zugspitze (€10,000-49,999) 
  • Kilimanjaro (€50,000-99,999) 
  • Mt Everest (above €100,000) 

These significant donors will, if they so wish, be recognised by name on a plaque. 

For more information about current philanthropic initiatives or to discuss any other ideas you might have for making a gift to Munich International School, please do not hesitate to contact us via

MIS Annual Giving

Please consider making a gift today.

Your gift can ALSO be made payable via bank transfer as per the details below:

Account name: Munich International School
Bank name: Commerzbank AG
Bank address: Promenadeplatz 7, D-80273 Munich
IBAN No: DE30 7008 0000 0454 2800 03
Reference: Your Name/"Annual Giving"
For more information about Annual Giving at Munich International School or to visit the School, please contact Amanda Crawley at or +49 (0)8151 366 120. 

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