SCIS Junior Varsity Boys Football 10-11 November 2017

Munich International School is hosting the 2017 Junior Varsity Boys Football Tournament from 10-11 November.

Tournament Results

Friday 9 November

Time Pool Stadium Results
9:45 A ISB v LCG  
11:30 C MIS v FIS  
13:15 B ISZL v BRU  
15:00 A ISB v BSB  
16:15 C MIS v ICS  
Time Pool Meadow Results
9:45 B ZIS v ISZL  
11:30 A LCG v BSB  
13:15 C FIS v ICS  
15:00 B ZIS v ISZL  

Saturday 10 November

Time Pool Stadium Results
8:30 1 3rd PA v 3rd PC  
10:15 3 1st PA v 1st PC  
12:00 5 1st PA v 1st PB  
13:45 7 3rd PB v 3rd PC  
15:00 9 1st PB v 1st PC  
Time Pool Meadow Results
8:30 2 2nd PA v 2nd PC  
10:15 4 3rd PA v 3rd PB  
12:00 6 2nd PA v 2nd PB  
13:45 8 2nd PB v 2nd PC   

Final Standings


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