Food Services

Munich International School works in partnership with Organic Garden, our on-site catering company, to provide our community with a high standard of healthy, delicious, bio and seasonal lunches and snacks.

To ensure that every child receives a freshly prepared and healthy lunch, Organic Garden provides our students with a menu plan specially designed to meet their needs, based on their principles: "Good for you and good for the planet".

For us, nutrition does not end with the prepared meal on the plate. In order to introduce children and young people to a healthy and planet-friendly diet in the long term, our ambition is to impart the necessary knowledge to those children in a playful way with the help of various communication tools, workshops or the engagement of nutrition experts in the classroom.

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Our Guidelines

  • Daily fresh and in 100% organic quality
  • No use (as far as possible) of ready-made and convenience products
  • No flavour enhancers, colorants and preservatives
  • Using only raw cane sugar and spelt flour
  • Meat and sausage products from organic butchers located in the region with species-appropriate animal care
  • Use of MSC fish from sustainable fisheries
  • Seasonal cuisine consisting of 6 weeks spring, summer, autumn and winter menu

Our Goal is to introduce good and healthy food to children of all ages, always keeping in mind that the food they eat supports a healthy lifestyle.