Forget About…

Forget About…



… Dusty Classrooms

There’s a vision behind our new campaign… 

How about a school that prepares its students and also its campus for the future? 

At MIS, we seek to offer teaching and learning that is more individual and personalised, that includes powerfully diverse and fit-for-purpose forms of collaboration, that enables greater teacher flexibility and that engages students in prototyping, creating and making.

How do you envision school in 2040?



… Solving Problems Alone

One family recently described MIS as being a place where students develop “values that allow them to become aware that they are part of the world and active agents of their transformation”.

At MIS, we believe the challenges of the future will demand that diverse people and diverse groups work together productively to address complex, multidimensional and interconnected problems. 




… Old School Teachers

How do you define "new school" teaching and learning?

One of the questions we reflect upon as a school, is, how do we achieve highest agency in learning? "New school" teachers challenge students to take action with the knowledge, skills, and understandings that they are developing. Students don't regurgitate facts, they apply them.

How active did you experience your own learning in the past? What helped you to increase activity in the application of your learning?

Another aspect besides application, is inquiry. Inquiry is the art and skill of seeking truth, information, and knowledge through questioning. Inquiry is explicitly taught, modelled and assessed at MIS, and students become proficient and comfortable engaging in open, honest, purpose-driven inquiry.