New Fitness & Athletics Building – Value for our MIS Students and Community

Good news! So far, our construction project “Fitness & Athletics Building” (FAB) at MIS has been running smoothly. Winter has passed without major delays and some critical phases have been successfully completed. The project is also blessed by the formal approval of the City of Starnberg. The excavation work is now almost completed and we have poured the first concrete for the robust foundation of the new quadruple sports hall.

Photo of the current FAB building pit:

Contruction site of fitness & athletics building at Munich International School

For anyone who has not seen our new 3D Tour of the FAB yet, we recommend viewing the film:

3D Tour

This major building project is obviously closely linked to our Capital Campaign and the good news is that substantial progress has also been made in this area. We are all thankful for the generosity of our MIS Community, which has enabled this incredible facility to be realised, despite the challenging circumstances of a global pandemic, ensuring that MIS can deliver on our Strategic Plan 2016+. We all look forward to the planned opening of the FAB at the start of the school year 2022/2023.

Below we have addressed some of the key questions that donors, parents, students and staff may be currently thinking about the FAB project

What exactly is the PURPOSE of the Fitness & Athletics Building? How will the new facility serve and IMPACT our students in their Physical Education, Athletics and After-School-Activity programmes? How will our wider MIS Community benefit from this new facility?

First of all let me share some key Facts & Figures about the new facility:

More instructional space…

  • 4 full-size halls with 520 sqm each // currently we have only 3 halls with 300 sqm per hall
  • 2.080 sqm total sports play area // currently we have only 900 sqm in total
  • 5.650 sqm total area // our existing gym has only 1.575 sqm total area
  • 4 large Changing Rooms


More community fitness areas and assembly hall…

  • 285 sqm Fitness Area (currently: 65 sqm)
  • 187 sqm Multi-Function Room
  • 90 sqm Dance Studio
  • Assembly area which fits max. 1800 people
  • Telescopic bleachers for 800 spectators // currently we have no spectator area
  • Inside/outside seating area including a spacious “Imbiss” // current one is too small



With 2.080 sqm in the new FAB plus 300 sqm in the already existing Gym 3 we will have sufficient Physical Education space for 1.350 students. MIS is also considering additional subjects like “Dance” in the Dance Studio. A Physical Education programme in our three schools allows students to be active and develop healthy habits that are beneficial throughout life. Developing skills of resilience and stress management will help our students to be more academically and socially successful during increasingly complex times.


The additional gym space will enable all teams to train in state of the art facilities and the potential to add new activities and get more students involved. At the beginning it will be the increase in volume where we will benefit mainly. Gymnastics would have vastly improved facilities. The Community Fitness Area will give new and vastly improved training options with larger groups. Spinning options in the Multi-Purpose Room will be possible, allowing participatory fitness training for many students. MIS will be able to host large, multiple court international and local School Tournaments e.g. Basketball and Volleyball on 2 full-size show courts, enabling parents and visiting athletes to watch all games from the seating area overlooking both courts. We will then be able to offer sufficient, spacious, hygienic changing rooms to all our athletes and visiting teams from local clubs and International schools.


More indoor ASA, non-competitive sports at same time as athletic trainings will be a big bonus, providing an inclusive program of activity that ensures all MIS students can develop their lifelong love of fitness in an environment that motivates them and meets their needs.


The FAB will be also a whole-school assembly hall e.g. to start and end the school year attending with students and staff from all three schools in one indoor space. The new MIS Café/Imbiss can provide refreshments and a seated area for all athletic events.


Each hall will have a large Teaching Screen. We will be able to stream athletic events in a professional manner enabling family and friends all over the world to support the MIS Wildcats! Quality sound systems, score boards, video screens should significantly improve the athletic experience during games and tournaments (if we will be able to find further funding or donors to contribute).

The new FAB building should help us to transform and enrich our PE, Athletics & ASA programs in an inclusive and inspiring environment. Developing a lifelong love of activity, of competing, of participating and supporting one another will be invaluable for our students, parents and our staff.

Kind regards,

Roman Friemel
Chief Operations Officer (COO)