Building Pre-School in Tanzania

We are delighted to report that, after various delays due to Covid,  the first phase of work has now begun on the construction of a pre-school with toilet and kitchen facilities in Milaweni village, near Moshi in Tanzania. MIS is working in collaboration with FT Kilimanjaro, which is an NGO based and registered in Tanzania, which strives to support self-sustaining communities where everyone has access to basic healthcare, education and work opportunities. The current pre-school is in a deplorable state  and being made out of mud and wattle, it becomes unusable during the rainy season. FTK has been in discussions with the local government school district who has accepted to supervise and pay for the teacher and to maintain the school when it is finished.  It is wonderful to see the funds our school community raises being  directly used to support a project which can help to advance the education of children in this community in Tanzania.  

We are excited that our Senior School students and the MIS chaperones will be able to visit Tanzania again in July 2022 after a two year delay because of Covid. They will be visiting all the projects MIS supports in Tanzania and undertaking a service project whilst they are there.  We look forward to hearing all their news on their return!

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Picture below: A view of the roof and walls of the current classroom