Highest Eco-Award for the Fifth Time

We are delighted to announce that MIS has received the Three-Star (highest) Eco-School designation “Umweltschule in Europa / Internationale Nachhaltigkeitsschule” for the FIFTH time (sixth consecutive time overall) from the Landesbund für Vogelschutz in Bayern e.V. (LBV)! The award was received for the past year 2022.

We would like to sincerely THANK all involved students and the ECO Committee members, of who we only see a small representation in the above picture.

Some of the awarded student projects included:


“The role that ants play in our environment”

Primary Years Programme Exhibition; Grade 4.


Soil Awareness, CO2 Reduction, Earthworm Farming

Primary Years Programme Exhibition; Early Childhood 5/6, Grade 4, Grade 9 including the following groups: Maker's Lab Bee Group, Music Activists, Starnberg Surveyors.


During the past three years, MIS was able to reduce one third of of our eco footprint of the School! Our goal is to become CO2 neutral by latest 2035. Biggest current challenges are mobility and the student transport system.  

Students will now consider working on topics such as "The impact and roles of mushrooms", cafeteria-related issues, like, for example, composting food and returning reusable cups, as well as outdoor related issues such as how to protect birds and increase tree planting on our campus.

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