MIS Cubing Day:  More Than Just a Puzzle


The Rubik's Cube is a 3-D combination puzzle originally invented in 1974 by Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture Ernő Rubik.  About to celebrate its 50th anniversary, the Rubik’s Cube might be more popular than ever before.  As Tanish explains, “the humble Rubik‘s Cube is more than just a twisty puzzle, as it contains opportunity of algorithmic and creative development”. 

As a competitive speed cuber, MIS 12th-grader Tanish Dhiman has competed twice in the WCA World Championships, this past summer in South Korea and previously in Melbourne, Australia in 2019 where he placed 6th in the world.  He consistently ranks in the top 4 for German championship speed cubing as well. 

Tanish reveals that despite his accolades and titles, the cubing community is what drives his passion: "These championships taught me that the experience of participating in the cubing community was a greater achievement than just my results. Solving cubes, collaborating, and having fun for a week with the best cubers from around the world are some of the best things that the community offers. Before the championships, I told myself that no matter what happened, I would have a good time." 

Tanish resolved to bring a little bit of that WCA World Championship energy to MIS for the 1st Annual MIS Cubing Day.  He brought together any MIS student wishing to participate, from Early Childhood all the way to 12th grade. “From solving the cube blindfolded upon a teammate’s instruction to Junior Schoolers racing against High Schoolers, this day brought the entire MIS community together in a collaborative manner. This portrays the impact a mutual interest can have on communal growth” says Tanish. 

Although the day was focused on building and celebrating the cubing community at MIS; of course, there were winners! Head of School, Mr. Timothy Thomas presented trophies to the MIS Cup Champions, Shubham Mathur, Henry Dussmann, and Niall Patel, respectively.  9th-grader Shubham Mathur took home the grand prize as the winner of the main event, 3x3x3 Competition with the top speed of 16 seconds. 

Enjoy this highlight video of the day. Congratulations goes out to all the participants of Cubing Day and many thanks to Tanish Dhiman for being an incredible inspiration and role model to so many.