Personal Project Exhibition

The Personal Project is the culminating project of the Middle Years Programme. It is an opportunity for the students to demonstrate the skills they have developed over Grades 5-10 and to apply them to a topic of interest to themselves. It enables them to demonstrate initiative, creativity and the ability to organise and plan. 


"The Personal Project gave me the chance to combine several hobbies into one project, which was about filmmaking in the Basketball industry. I created a tutorial on "advanced stepback variations" for more experienced players." – Leopold

"I would watch cinematic video shots of drones flying and I just enjoyed watching the new perspective that it brought towards viewing the world. Then I became interested in drones and I decided I should make one myself." – Shaurya

"I wrote a fictional book that follows the life of a girl who’s dealing with the loss of her father and has trouble coping. I wanted to showcase how some people deal with grief and 'finding themselves'." – Rachel

"I decided to help out the people who are new in Germany and don’t know what medicine to take when they are sick. I gathered the most reliable information from Pharmacy websites, received recommendations from Germans who were living here for their whole life and turned it into a book." – Belle

"The purpose my product served to help explain to my peers how it feels to move so often as a military child. It’s difficult to explain it verbally most of the time so I created this piece to give a bit of a visual representation." – Callie

"My interest in drones and how their technology works led me to create a functional drone. The reason I built such a big drone was that I wanted to help people in need, like, for example, people who need certain medical equipment that cannot be attached to small drones." – Maximilian

"My project was to create comic to teach people about extremophiles, creatures that can survive extreme conditions." – Nainika

"My project is to replicate a painting by Thomas Kinkade in oil paints and my learning goal was to be able to paint from a picture and to develop my oil painting skills." – Trisha