First OT Department in Tanzania

MIS has been supporting the growth and development of both the Occupational Therapy (OT) and the teaching of Occupational Therapy at the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre [KCMC] in Moshi, Tanzania since 1999. 

With the support of donations from MIS, KCMC established the first OT department in Tanzania. Until then, there was no such teaching available anywhere in Tanzania. Prospective Occupational Therapists had to go to places like Kenya or South Africa to get qualified. 

Since then the department has grown and has been treating and supporting children and adults suffering from chronic illnesses and disabilities or those that are recovering from illnesses or injuries. 

In addition, as part of the Tuamani University of Tanzania, the Clinic is also a teaching school as there is a sustained and desperate need for trained OT therapists bearing in mind Tanzania’s 60,000,000 approx., population. 

For many years, MIS has supported the OT Department with academic resources and the training of students by funding the tuition fees of  those who are financially disadvantaged. A three-year course leading to a Diploma in Occupational Therapy, the graduates go on to work in hospitals or local clinics providing OT support to those in need. 

Below are the six students whom MIS supported over the last 3 years at their graduation ceremony in December 2020. Some have already secured jobs and others are volunteering or doing internships in different medical institutions to gain practical experience.

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