IB Evaluation Process

In November 2021, a team of six experienced IB evaluators completed a three day evaluation of the quality of teaching and learning, student well-being, and supporting systems at MIS. Find out more below about the purpose of the visit, what the IB evaluators had to say about MIS and what happens next.


Why were the IB evaluating teaching and learning at MIS? 

Like many organisations, the IB has a quality assurance and development process, which all IB curricular schools worldwide must undergo every five years to retain their ability to use IB curriculum.

The IB itself states that “the  primary  aim  of  IB  programme  evaluation  is to  support  schools  in  continuously  developing  their  capacity  to  implement  IB  programmes  in  order  to  have  a greater  impact  on  student  outcomes  through  the  development  of  teacher  and  leader  practice.” (Guide to Programme Evaluation, IBO, 2020)


How did the IB evaluate MIS?

The visit itself was the culmination of an 18 month process of self-evaluation and improvement, by MIS faculty using the IB’s quality assurance standards. MIS was one of the first schools in Europe to use the IB’s new quality assurance framework PSP 2020.


A summary of the IB evaluators findings include:

✅  PYP, MYP and DP at MIS meet all IB requirements

✅ Learning at MIS exceeds the IB requirements in 93% of all IB standards

✅ Areas recommended by the IB to focus on for further development were already identified by the MIS community in the MIS Strategic Plan 2021-25 and work has begun on them.

✅ The “Programme Development Plan” submitted by MIS (concrete plan for further developing learning) was highly praised by the evaluators, who recommended MIS should consider sharing the plan and its impacts on learning at the IB Global Conference as an example of future-orientated best practice.


What happens next?

Implementation of the MIS Strategic Plan 2021-25 goals for further improving learning is underway, and this work by our expert faculty will further strengthen our implementation of high-quality learning in all areas of student life.



👏 for our IB PYP, MYP and DP Coordinators who led this process, particularly as MIS was one of the first schools in Europe to complete it using the totally new PSP 2020 quality assurance framework – and for completing it during the most challenging time of the pandemic!

🙏 to all the MIS students, faculty and parents who engaged with the evaluators during the visit! 

🙏 to Mary Donnellan who led the IB evaluation team and to Proserpina Dhlamini-Fisher for coordinating such a complex process.

👏 to Proserpina Dhlamini-Fisher, Adrian Kearney and Olli-Pekka Heinonen for your roles in leading this great enhancement to the process that guides school improvement in all IB schools worldwide!