Interdisciplinary Exam Completed

Last Friday, our Grade 10 students finished the Middle Years Programme (MYP) eAssessment with their final interdisciplinary on-screen examination.

This interdisciplinary exam is unique as it asks the students to combine their knowledge from two subject areas to solve a problem or create a solution. This year, the subjects involved were English Language & Literature and Science.

Interdisciplinary learning in the MYP is a precursor to Theory of Knowledge (ToK) in the Diploma Programme in that students are asked to apply knowledge and/or skills from different subjects, and use critical and creative thinking in real world contexts.

After the exam one student commented: ”The pre-release material mean the exam questions are very focused and we are not being assessed on what we have memorised but rather what how we interpret the information and show we understand there are different perspectives on the topic.”

The topic of this particular exam was “How our relationship with healthcare shapes our perception of medical systems” for which the students prepared together with their teachers via pre-release material, a collection of eight sources on that topic. The 113 students had two hours to complete the exam. On-screen exams are marked by IB examiners which provides students with important external feedback. The students receive their results upon their return to school in August.