MIS Teacher Develops Global IB Resource


MIS is at the forefront of innovative teaching and learning practices!

Our MIS Junior School is the flagship design school in the PYP programme, thanks to Armin Martin, our JS teacher for Technology, Inquiry and Making.

Armin Martin’s IB guide to “Design Thinking in the PYP” will be shared with 70,000 IB teachers and PYP Coordinators on MyIB as Teacher Support Material (TSM).

”I wrote the design guide at the request of the IB in a third person narrative as an interview to make this more accessible to teachers as a resource,” Armin said.

It has already been translated into Spanish, French and Arabic and is currently being translated into Mandarin and Turkish.

Congratulations Armin Martin! What an amazing accomplishment!


"Application to real-world contexts and learner ownership of the learning process are the key benefits of design thinking. In a rapidly changing world, our thinking needs to be more adaptable and flexible to identify and address real-world problems and find solutions. Through design thinking, we support our learners in this process." – Armin Martin