Model United Nations of Munich (MUNoM)


Representing Belgium

We are two students from 11th grade that attended the 18th MUNoM (Model United Nations of Munich) conference from 16-19 November 2021 representing Belgium. During our 4 days at the conference, we've had the opportunity to apply our political knowledge and extend our current understandings of international relations while cooperating with fellow delegates to draw conclusions.

We both represented Belgium in different ways depending on our assigned committee; as the case for me, it was General Assembly 1 that dealt with the specific subtopics of nuclear disarmament, the on-going Israel and Palestine conflict and weapons trafficking to terrorist organisations. Prior to the conference, thorough research formatted within position papers and Belgium's perspective and stance stated within resolutions were essential for the preparation. Other committees and UN bodies dealt with legal, human rights and social, environmental, economic and much more relevant and sometimes controversial issues that allowed delegates to represent their country's opinion and make appropriate compromises and alliances with others.

As for the security council...

Cooperating with all the delegates was an exciting and formative experience.

We wrote resolutions collaboratively to solve issues such as the newly established Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, COVID-19 vaccine distributions and the Sahel region crisis.

The array of perspectives all the delegates brought and the seriousness with which we discussed the issues made the four days impactful in building my confidence in expressing my country's opinions and collaborating with others to negotiate. Debates were always sparked by the passion the delegates had. These entertaining highlights were featured in the gossip box that allowed us to get to know each other and become friends. The last day we had to deal with an emergency crisis, collaborating swiftly to draft a global plan involving all countries and writing speeches to inform all other committees in the conference. Overall, I would love to attend again. 

Throughout our experience at MUNoM we both really enjoyed the balance of formality and fun between delegates and staff members, as well as strategically discussing specific issues with other delegates prior to debates and forming unexpected alliances. I learned to assemble my courage for public speaking, especially as the ambassador for Belgium, and to work collaboratively with others.

Camilla & Charlotte, Grade 11