Nikki Henderson LIVE online – Tuesday 8 Sept, 19:00 CET

In 2018 aged 25, Nikki became the youngest round-the-world race skipper in history. She built a racing winning team from 60 disparate individuals; aged between 18 and 70; 16 different nationalities; united under Nikki’s leadership. Together they faced 100+mph winds, seas as high as skyscrapers and the relentless fury of mother nature as they safely navigated our world’s greatest oceans.

Most recently, she famously skippered the climate activist Greta Thunberg safely across the North Atlantic – delivering Time's person of the Year 2019 – in time – to speak at the COP19 UN Climate Conference. 

Profoundly affected by the lessons she learnt sailing around the world, she shares her unique insights into the human side of this extreme sport, where strong leadership can be all that separates life and death.

Special thanks to the MIS Foundation for inviting Nikki Henderson to Munich International School.

To hear all about Nikki's fascinating adventures, please join our Livestream:

Tuesday 8 September 2020

7pm (19:00 CET)

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