Outstanding 2022 IB Results


We congratulate and are proud of ALL of our 2022 MIS graduates. As a group, the MIS class of 2022 achieved outstanding results. Here are a few highlights:

πŸŽ“ Average IB Diploma score of 37
πŸŽ“ 100% of eligible candidates were successful in achieving the IB Diploma
πŸŽ“ 3 students achieved the highest possible IB Diploma score: 45 points!
πŸŽ“ 19 students in the MIS class of 2022 scored 42 points or higher: a 1.0 Abiturdurchschnitt
πŸŽ“ 30 students in the MIS class of 2022 scored 40+ points
πŸŽ“ 95% achieved 30 points or more

We are so proud that these students persisted, worked hard, stayed positive, never stopped contributing, and ultimately achieved such phenomenal results. We are proud of their service, of their determination, of their growth mindset, and of their support for one another.

Good luck, MIS class of 2022, we look forward to hearing about all of the amazing things you will do.