Over 7300€ Raised for Wheelchairs and Other Tanzania Projects

Picture above: A wheelchair donated by MIS in 2021


It’s hard to imagine how difficult life can be for a young person who can not walk or control their body if they do not have a wheelchair.

Typically, such children lie on the ground or floor. Without a wheelchair, their lives are restricted to inside or directly outside the home, and even moving that short distance requires a family member to carry them. With a wheelchair, they can sit up, change locations, and be a part of their community.


MIS Teachers Initiate Fundraiser

Picture above: Everything explained in a video by PE teachers Nadine Slavinski-Schweitzer and Jens Schneider.

In November 2021, the MIS PE department organised its annual sit-up and skip-athon to raise money for two important projects in Tanzania. One is Kilimanjaro Hospital, which needs our support to purchase desperately needed equipment and to sponsor staff training. The second is our new HADEA project which provides wheelchairs to people with disabilities. Please see more information about the HADEA project further below.

This event was special in that it challenged MIS students (EC through Grade 6) to improve their own fitness while helping others. They were encouraged to seek sponsors – typically, this means family members, neighbours, and teachers. The event was made possible through the work of the PE department and the support of all classroom teachers.


Over 7300€ Raised!

This time, 137 students raised money for an incredible total of over €7300! We’re so proud of them and glad we can improve the lives of our friends in Tanzania. Asante sana – thank you very much to everyone who made this event a great success!


MIS’ Commitment to Support Projects in Tanzania

This event was part of MIS’s long-standing commitment to projects in Tanzania. Other initiatives at MIS include the spring reading event which raises money for books for primary schools in Tanzania. Typically, a group of Senior School students travel to Tanzania each summer to visit the projects we support and report back on their successes/challenges.


What is the HADEA Project?

This is the second year MIS has supported the Hadea project which is based in Karatu in the Arusha region of Tanzania. Hadea is a non-profit organisation which supports the elderly and children with physical disabilities and those who need care and help in the home. Because of the global pandemic MIS students and staff have not been able to see in person the work Hadea undertakes but through regular video conferences and email correspondence we can see clearly the importance of the support Hadea provides to people in need.

Pictures above: MIS supported Hadea in 2021 with the purchase of bedding items including mattresses, blankets and sheets, clothes, food and a wheelchair which were delivered directly to the people at their homes. 


‘We thank you for being part of making our operation to visit the needy in our area possible this year. They all send their heart felt thanks to you, MIS, the Principal , Board of Directors, staff members and and the students for your valued donation support to them.” 

Winnes Massawe, Hadea


Junior School Supports Hope Primary School in Moshi

As part of the MIS Literacy Month, Junior School students will be taking part in the Read-a-Thon fundraiser from Monday 14th - Friday 18th February. This is to raise funds for the projects MIS supports in Tanzania, in particular Hope Primary School in Moshi. MIS supports Hope Primary School with the payment of rent for the school premises and the purchase of school and office supplies and school uniforms. 

More information about Munich International School and Tanzania:

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