Remiti Nursery School Renovation

The new look of Remiti Nursery School.


Remiti is one of the sub villages of Mserekia village in Mabogini in the Moshi rural district in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania with approximately 4000 people.

Remiti Nursery school was established in 2010 with the support from FT Kilimanjaro, which is a non- governmental organisation registered in Tanzania.  Currently the school has 46 students with only 1 teacher who is also supported by FT Kilimanjaro by providing a monthly stipend.

Most of from the children study one year in Remiti nursery school then after join a primary school. And normally they start from 4 years old.

In 2019 Munich International School from Germany visited Remiti village, they spent a night at Remiti Nursery school. During their visit the students met with the school board chairperson and while discussing different challenges facing the school they informed the leader of the group that the school needs an extra classroom and kitchen far from the classes because the other was attached to a class and all the smoke coming from a kitchen while making porridge for students used to go inside the class.

This year FT Kilimanjaro received a donation from Munich International School to renovate the school. FT Kilimanjaro added some amount of money to make sure the renovation of classes was done. Currently the contractor is doing the final work on the school in Remiti. The good news now is that they now have 2 classes and a kitchen built besides the classes.

The students will now study happily without the smoke coming inside because the kitchen is far from the classes.

The school board of Remiti nursery school appreciates the support from Munich International School, they are very happy with the support and looking forward to meet the students next year if all goes well.




A newly-built kitchen room!