Teacher Receives Educator Award

Holly Uttley, who has been teaching MYP (Geography & Integrated Humanities) and DP (Geography) at MIS for 10 years, was awarded the University of Chicago Outstanding Educator Award by the University of Chicago in May, after she was nominated by Louis Otto, Class of 2020.

“I was absolutely honoured to be awarded this by the University of Chicago and nominated by Louis Otto. Teachers are often the unsung heroes of education and it means so much to be recognised for a job I absolutely love. True learning is indeed a collaborative experience, that depends as much on the dedication of teachers, as it does the motivation of the student. I am sure I would not have received this, without the opportunity to work alongside and learn from such fantastic colleagues at MIS. This award is a wonderful 'shout out' to all of us.” – Holly Uttley

We are extremely grateful and very proud to have such caring, outstanding, inspiring and world-class faculty here at MIS!

Louis, the student (’20) who nominated her, says, “You have been the most important teacher of my entire academic career and I always looked forward to your class. Your intriguing and engaging lessons always pushed me academically, and I am truly grateful to have been your student.”

Holly Uttley has been teaching for 14 years. She trained in Wales, before moving to Southampton to start her Geography teaching career. She notes that working in an inner city public school presented real challenges, but set the foundations for effective pedagogical practices and a passion for Skills-Based-Learning. She is a firm believer in holistic education and feels strongly about developing globally minded leaders for the future. She recently has focused her energies on coaching teachers with AtL and creating professional development opportunities. In the words of Dylan Wiliam "Every teacher needs to improve, not because they are not good enough, but because they can be even better”.