Top IB Results

Congratulations to the Class of 2021 for outstanding academic results on the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma exams!

  • 100% pass rate – ALL 108 students who attempted the full IB Diploma were successful in achieving it.
  • 5 students achieved the maximum IB Diploma score of 45 points.
  • The median and mean IB Diploma scores for the class were 38 points (best IB results in the history of the school).
  • 40 students scored 40 points or higher.
  • 27 students scored 42 or better, giving them a 1.0 Abiturdurchschnitt.

Similarly, last year’s Grade 10 students achieved very good results in the MYP eAssessments (average score of 43.5, compared to a global average of 38.5). And in Grades 4 through 8, our students performed very well in the ISA (International Schools Assessments). These externally validated results show that our students we able to continue to learn, to grow, and to achieve, even in last year’s very challenging circumstances. We are very proud of our teachers who dedicated extraordinary time and effort into providing high-quality instruction online, in-person, and in hybrid formats.