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Munich International School has a long standing tradition of environmentally and climate-related projects. Students and staff, who are part of the Eco-Committee, meet regularly in order to evaluate and discuss ideas for improvement.

In early 2019, MIS signed a contract with a local energy contractor in order to convert to using renewable energy. By taking this step, the school will reduce its emissions by almost half and will significantly reduce the amount of energy use such as electric power, heating, ventilation etc.

The five building phases of the energy contracting concept involve the following actions:

Updates & Awards

As we regularly update our digital devices, we started partnering with AfB Group Social & Green IT, a company that helps us to recycle and refurbish…

In October 2020, MIS received the Three-Star Eco-School designation "Umweltschule in Europa / Internationale Nachhaltigkeitsschule (International Sustainability School)"…

On Monday, 22 October 2018, the European Eco-School Awards were presented to regional schools (83 schools, in all) at MIS. Students, teachers and administrators from those schools travelled to our campus to receive their awards...

Student Work


Energy Efficient Lights

Over the past year a lot has changed and so did the lights in many classrooms here at MIS…

Books in a Box

The Books in a Box container building, constructed in Summer 2019, provides temporary, expanded library facilities for Middle and Senior School whilst internal building work can be taken forward. This new space also includes a silent indoor learning space...

Solar Panels

Equipping the LADC with solar panels in April 2019 marked the first phase of migrating to a more sustainable school. More panels will be installed upon completion of the new quadruple Gym.