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Munich International School has a long standing tradition of environmentally and climate-related projects. Students and staff, who are part of the Eco-Committee, meet regularly in order to evaluate and discuss ideas for improvement.

Sustainability plays an essential part in the School's strategy. By receiving the Eco Award ("Umweltschule in Europa") numerous times, MIS enforces its statement to keep improving its ways of handling our given resources by:

  • Recycling
  • Saving energy by using LED lights
  • Using green energy
  • Selling only regional and 100% bio products
  • IT-recycling
  • Green purchasing
  • Studying and maintaining the school's biodiverse campus and school garden

Furthermore, there have been several projects initiated by students and teachers of which a few are listed further below. 

Reducing Energy Consumption

In early 2019, MIS signed a contract with a local energy contractor in order to convert to using renewable energy. By taking this step, the school reduces its emissions by almost half and significantly reduces the amount of energy use such as electric power, heating, ventilation etc.

Steps involved included for example the installation of new solar panels on the LADC roof, the building of a central energy infrastructure (electric power/heating) on campus, installation and connection of heating systems of Junior School, Gym and Schloss, installation of solar panels on the new quadruple Gym and the improvement of our heat distribution technique.

Measuring and Reducing Carbon Footprint

The measurement of the school's carbon footprint and implementation of measures to become climate neutral school is an ongoing project. In 2018, students initiated this project and MIS carbon footprint was measured by Fokus Zukunft. Students decided together with teachers in Eco Committee on measures to implement to reduce the carbon footprint (switch to LED lights & 100% renewable energy sources providers, two block-type thermal power systems). After implementation of these measures, MIS CO2 footprint was re-measured in 2021. MIS has achieved a reduction of its carbon footprint by a third and has moved closer to its goal of becoming climate neutral school by 2030.

Further student-driven measures will be discussed in Eco Committees 2022/2023. In addition, MIS is planning to build further photovoltaic systems in October 2022 reaching a capacity of 360 kWp. According to energy consumption forecasts, MIS will move to 100% self-sufficiency in energy consumption in 2024. 

Of particular note in connection to renewable energies is the students’ project ‘Solar for schools’ in 2022 (please see more information further below under "Student Projects"). More than 72 Grade 3 students & teachers gained a better understanding of energy literacy including awareness of energy use. Students viewed MIS solar panels and reviewed data about electricity use at school. A large number of further students-driven eco projects are ongoing (Ant farm, Frog Squad, Electric car charging stations, Planting different species of trees, 2nd bike park, Eco and bee oasis).

Updates & Awards

For the fifth consecutive time, MIS received the Three-Star (highest) Eco-School designation “Umweltschule in Europa / Internationale Nachhaltigkeitsschule”…

We are delighted to announce that MIS has received the Three-Star (highest) Eco-School designation “Umweltschule in Europa / Internationale Nachhaltigkeitsschule” for the fourth time…

Student Projects


Energy Efficient Lights

Over the past year a lot has changed and so did the lights in many classrooms here at MIS…

Books in a Box

The Books in a Box container building, constructed in Summer 2019, provides temporary, expanded library facilities for Middle and Senior School whilst internal building work can be taken forward. This new space also includes a silent indoor learning space...

Solar Panels

Equipping the LADC with solar panels in April 2019 marked the first phase of migrating to a more sustainable school. More panels will be installed upon completion of the new quadruple Gym.