Student Projects


Grade 7 students have been focusing on United Nation Sustainable Development Goals in co-curricular program through the whole school year.

The central theme was Earth Day. To take action for our mother Earth students chose either making bee houses, making a piece of music, or making a message from collecting trash. Aims and outcomes of the 3 groups:


Maker's Lab Bee Group

Aim: explain lifecycle of bees in their eco-system, create homes for bees;
Outcome: making bee houses from collected items;


Music (Art) Activists

Aim: create a piece of music that inspires others to care about the earth;
Outcome: make a movie that records a song/dance of Earth activists messaging;
Resources: Spoken word to inspire (;


Starnberg Surveyors

Aim: collect & analyse trash, observe nature;
Outcome: make an art piece from collected trash and identify 20 different species using iNaturalist;
Details: The group was responsible for collecting and recording trash, and investigating patterns in species. They recorded their observations of species via iNaturalist App, which can be shared with experts who can help to identify the organisms. Collecting trash in Starnberg, students identified every object of litter with support of the Litterati App to understand what litter is appearing where & help communities diagnosing the state of litter and take tangible prevention. Since mainly cigarette buds were found, the art piece created from collected trash shows the lungs (with one healthy side and one side of a smoker), to inspire smokers to act responsibly with their cigarette buds; resources: citizen science (, trash data recording (


Each group also took part in learning about history of Earth Day from the timeline provided by The activity was conducted in a two-truths and a lie with learning about facts.