Student Projects

SY 2018/19: As part of the Grade 1 unit How We Organise Ourselves, the grade responded to the request to help local insects and build an herb garden. To start the unit, Mr. Martin presented to all of Grade 1 classes. The parents were invited and helped begin the herb garden project by moving rocks with their children to create the foundation of the garden. This was part of the Grade 1 Learning Celebration. The students initially thought that it would take one day to create an herb garden. An herb garden as part of our school garden differs from the other planted areas. The herb garden has specially selected plants so that there are always plants in bloom and alternate areas for bees, butterflies and other insects. This will provide a nice habitat for these insects and observation area for students to interact more with local species.

The steps required:

  • Lay a foundation of stones for building the wall and eliminating other unwanted seeds from growing in the area
  • Plan the layout of the bricks for the outer wall
  • Lay the bricks for the outer wall
  • Plan the inside of the herb garden
  • Lay bricks and stones to divide the garden into sections
  • Fill the herb garden with soil
  • Grade 4 PYPx students present on plants for bees
  • Parents provide plants to plant in the sections based on student requests
  • Plant
  • Water and maintain the herb garden regularly