Daniel Haffa (’08), Felix Haffa (’11) and Niklas Epstein (’07)…

…have been on an incredible journey since leaving MIS!

The founders of the Munich based company New FlagDaniel Haffa and Niklas Epstein, are linked by a longstanding friendship that began at MIS almost two decades ago.  

What started out as a crazy idea ten years ago, which was having thousands of Snuggy blankets produced in China and then selling them on a home shopping channel in Germany, led them to where they are now – one of the leaders in beauty product distribution and brand building.

Since the establishment of their company in 2010, they have expanded into more than 80 countries. In 2015, Daniel's younger brother and MIS alumnus, Felix Haffa, joined New Flag's management team. Their products include world famous brands like the Tangle Teezerinvisibobble, Beautyblender, Olaplex and Foamie.  Their team currently consists of over 200+ people, spread over 8 offices in Europe and the USA. 

"MIS, especially the school system, staff and facilities have had life changing impact in molding us as humans, entrepreneurs and friends. We all have our stories, things we loved and hated, tears (especially for me, Daniel) and joy that we experienced at MIS. It was a huge privilege to attend the school. All three of us are convinced, despite having vastly different success in terms of academic performance (please do not check my grades and report cards), that we will try everything to be able to send our children to this school one day. For those who read this who still attend school – you will find so many things that you might not like, teachers that upset you or frustrations with exams, but looking back for us we know how grateful we have to be for the time at MIS. We always felt like the school and people actually cared for us – and that is truly unique."

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