Aerial view of Athletics Track

The MIS Athletics program focuses on the school’s competitive teams that play against local clubs and other international schools. ‘Athletics’ includes football (soccer), volleyball, basketball, tennis, track and field, rugby, softball, swimming, cross-country, golf and skiing. Team sports are offered in three, ten-week seasons (Fall, Winter and Spring).

Being fully recognized within the regional Bavarian sports system as the MIS Sportverein e.V. (ISSC Buchhof), MIS teams are frequently competing on a local level against Munich/Bavarian league teams (mainly our MS Football Teams, the Senior Basketball teams and the Ski Team).

As a member of the international sports organizations SCIS (Sports Council of International Schools) and ISST (International Schools Sports Tournament), MIS regularly hosts high-level international school competitions. The MIS athletic teams also travel to other international schools within Europe to attend SCIS and ISST tournaments throughout the year.  

The role of Athletics in a school setting goes far beyond the pure playing of games. Being part of a team complements and balances students´ academic spectrum of work and challenges them in their growth on intellectual, social and physical levels. The MIS Athletics Department strives to provide a variety of opportunities to a large number of students, enabling them to develop valuable skills and sportsmanship while striving for excellence and fostering friendships.

Several sports fields, an 8-lane athletic stadium, tennis courts, a fitness room and a well-equipped triple gymnasium are available for trainings and competitions.

The Athletic Department is one of three distinct sports bodies within MIS:

The Athletic Department is responsible for competitive interscholastic and local league teams at MIS. For general inquiries, please send an email to

For any local league related inquiries, please contact our Jugendleiter Mr. Andrew Orrell (Mobile: +49-151-151 25037) or League Football Coordinator Mr. Mate Derda (Mobile: +49-176-843 54240)

The MIS Sportverein e.V. (ISSC Buchhof) is the entity that supports the Athletic Department as a type of Booster Club through fundraising and organizing volunteer help for sports events. The Sportverein also organizes recreational activities for our adult community, e.g. Badminton or Football. We are fully recognized as a Bavarian sports club. For inquiries, please send an email to:

The Physical Education Department is a separate department responsible for teaching curricular PE classes during the school day. The PE department also organizes special events like the Sports Days.