Parent Teacher Verein (PTV)

The MIS Parent Teacher Verein (PTV) is a volunteer led, not for profit, registered verein with the goal of linking parents, staff and students of Munich International School in a community friendly, mutually beneficial, fair and sustainable way.

The PTV supports and enhances the School and its community by: 

  • Organising a volunteer network to support MIS events and the MIS community
  • Publishing the latest School and community news
  • Planning and organising social events to facilitate contact between parents, students, MIS staff and the MIS Board of Directors
  • Supplementing and improving MIS's educational equipment with material and furnishings financed with donations

The PTV also provides valuable resources to the Junior, Middle and Senior Schools. Some recent donations include contributions to the Fitness Room refurbishment, a student led Fitness trail project, Junior School library, Middle School lockers, the building a new EC playground and many more projects and programmes at Munich International School.
A Verein operates legally with a fee paying membership. The MIS PTV asks for €20 from each family per School Year. This money provides funds to organise and support events and activities.