Parent Teacher Verein (PTV)

The Parent Teacher Verein (PTV) is the parent organization at MIS. ‘Verein’ is the German word for association. We are a non-profit, volunteer-led association of parents that supports the school community by building connections among parents and with the school.

The goals & responsibilities of the PTV are to:

  • Create a thriving community among parents
  • Improve our children’s lives at school
  • Host school-wide events
  • Organise fundraising activities
  • Liaise with the school management

The PTV supports and enhances MIS and its community by:

  • Running more than 40 different groups organized by nationality, grade and residential area, allowing you to connect & socialise with fellow parents
  • Helping new families to settle in and gives continued support (e.g. finding housing/doctors/ leisure activities in the Munich area)
  • Planning and organising fun events for the entire MIS Community such as Winterfest and Frühlingsfest and fundraising through these events
  • Creating opportunities for the community to thank the teachers & staff at MIS through events such as an annual Staff Appreciation Lunch
  • Making grants to the school to help fund improvements that benefit every student such as the water bottle filling stations in the cafeteria, for example


Connection, Socialisation, Support

Without the PTV, a great part of the MIS spirit would be missing and there would be far fewer opportunities for the community to come together and connect. The events planned by the PTV often offer fundraising opportunities. The funds raised then benefit the school and therefore, your children!

A Verein operates legally with a fee-paying membership. The MIS PTV asks for €50 from each family per school year. This money provides funds to organise and support events and activities.