Students lifting hands at outside sports event

The Sportverein is the entity that supports the Athletic Department through fundraising and organising volunteer help as a type of Booster Club that also shoulders the legal responsibility associated with playing organised sports in Germany. It also organises recreational activities for adults like Badminton or Soccer.

Fundraising and membership fees support the MIS community through supplementing the purchase of uniforms and equipment as well as the provision of subsidies when teams travel to tournaments. In addition, we provide parent volunteers for assisting in tournaments, running our snack shop, etc.

Volunteers are also always needed for our fund raising events, such as the annual Ski Swap in October and our regular sports events. Please click here if you are interested in volunteering in the future:

Sportverein Volunteering

What does the 'Physical Education Department' do? The Physical Education Department is a separate department responsible for teaching PE classes, a required school course. The PE department also organises special events like the Sports Days, which are not related to the Athletic Department.

The MIS Sportverein offers two types of membership:

MIS Sportverein membership is compulsory for all students who participate in team sports organized by the MIS Athletic Department, and for all adults who participate in Sportverein-organized sports.

Contact the Sportverein: 

For general inquiries:

For specific league game inquiries (e.g. Spielverlegungen):

Jugendleiter: Andrew Orrell 
Tel: +49 (0) 8151 366 -220 (or: -223)
Mobile: +49 (0) 151 151 25037

For MIS Athletics Programme: Click here!