We expect students to make significant contributions to the community through our Service as Action and Community Service programmes. Some of these go beyond the campus of MIS. Our outreach programmes with UNICEF and Tanzania are two important examples of our commitment to global mindedness.

The MIS Community began its support of UNICEF in 1979, on the initiative of staff member Chris Butler. That year the students of the Junior School raised DM 12,000.

For nearly three decades, Munich International School has supported the activities of UNICEF (United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund). Not only have we raised funds, we have also increased awareness of UNICEF’s causes, ranging from the fight to stop child trafficking, to improving children's health standards globally.UNICEF also plays an integrative role within our school curriculum. Materials from UNICEF are utilized within some units of Inquiry in the Junior School eg. Grade 3 study on Children's Rights. Senior School History has access to information on statistical figures in relation to children's rights and world poverty.

Middle and Senior School students become active with UNICEF as part of their Community and Service programme. In recognition of our continuing work, UNICEF has granted MIS “Schule Aktiv” Status. We are one of only a small number of schools across Germany to have been awarded this honour.

Parents and students interested in actively supporting UNICEF at MIS are encouraged to please contact us at anytime.

Examples of MIS activities to support UNICEF:

  • We raised money for the hurricane survivors in Myanmar (Burma)
  • Funds were collected for the Tsunami relief in South East Asia.
  • MIS sent messages of support using UNICEF channels to the children of Beslan, Russia after the school siege.
  • We conduct a yearly spell-athon in Grade 3 to raise funds.
  • There is a UNICEF booth set up to sell cards and gifts at the MIS Ski Swap and Winterfests.
  • Students participated in radio and television interviews regarding the school's activities with UNICEF.
  • They have also participated in the annual UNICEF fun run “Kinder Laufen fur Kinder”.
  • We have sold Christmas decorations for our Junior School Christmas tree. Proceeds went to UNICEF.
  • Grade 3 students came 3rd place in the UNICEF Junior Oscars for their PowerPoint presentation on the UNICEF Charter of Children’s Rights.
  • The MIS World Choir sang from the balcony of the Munich Rathaus to raise funds and awareness of UNICEF.
  • MIS conducted a fund raising campaign to help the children of Haiti, donating just under 10,000 euros to UNICEF.