QRious …. to see what our new FAB looks like??

We invite you to join us on an incredible journey!

Enjoy this time-lapse movie since construction started on our FITNESS & ATHLETICS BUILDING "FAB" in November 2020.

Thanks to the contributions from so many generous donors, the FAB will be completed in the summer of 2022. We are delighted that the building of the FAB is on schedule, but now we are looking for gifts so that we are able to provide our students with state-of-the-art gym equipment as well as electronic basketball hoops, scoreboards, spinning bikes, rowing machines, furniture for the Imbiss, chairs for the assembly space, bleachers etc. and are hoping you will support the School by making a contribution today as the opening of our new FAB won’t be long now!

Please consider making a gift towards our new FAB: 

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The FAB will also serve as a “community building space” offering spaces for fitness, a tournament café and a whole-school assembly hall for up to 1,800 people.

As the school has grown it has become more challenging to accommodate our PE classes in our current indoor facilities. The new quadruple gym, fitness room, dance studio and multi-purpose room will enable us to provide outstanding facilities for all our PE classes and help us increase the activity levels of all our students.

The athletic department, with numerous basketball and volleyball teams, will now be able to train and compete in state-of-the-art facilities. We will be able to welcome other international schools to large indoor tournaments, offering two show courts in the sports of basketball and volleyball with bleachers for 100’s of supporters to cheer on our teams in comfort and really develop our WILDCAT spirit.

By the next school year, our students and our entire community will be able to enjoy this magnificent facility.

Apart from that, we are also looking for another €60,000 to complete the installation of AIR PURIFIERS in Grade 10-12 classrooms.

We are extremely grateful to so many of you for the incredible support you have given us these past months towards our initiative to install plasma air purifiers to help safeguard the health of our students, teachers and staff here at MIS and are pleased to share the following update with you:

  • We have raised a total of €135k from our community.
  • With these donations plus another €37k in funding from the government, we have been able to install 127 air purifiers.
  • All classrooms from EC – Grade 9 are now fully equipped.
Please consider making a gift towards our air purifiers: 

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We are so proud of our culture of giving at MIS!

In 1966 Munich International School opened up its doors for the first time in Harlaching. When the School relocated to Buchhof two years later, teachers and students were confronted with very improvised facilities and a lack of equipment. MIS consisted of three buildings. The Schloss and two barns, still known today as Haus München and Haus Schweiz, which had been used as horse stables.

Today MIS is able to offer extraordinary experiences to our students and community because many parents, grandparents, alumni, current and former teachers and staff, and other friends of the School have given generously throughout our 55 year history. Most parents are not aware that school fees only cover running costs. We have received €7 million in donations from generous donors since we started our Capital Campaign in 2017 which has allowed us to expand our amazing campus …….