Annual Giving 2023

Fly me to the Moon!  Annual Giving for the NeXus:  Boundary-free Learning

Join us in creating a boundary-free and vibrant learning environment! 

In our world, secure and boundary-free learning spaces are rare. Through the Learning NeXus, we will provide our students with a futuristic workspace: a limitless, boundary-free space, broadening minds towards ideas the world needs to be a better place for all.

Our annual giving campaign 'Fly Me to the Moon' aims to raise funds for the interior design of our Learning NeXus. Your contribution, no matter the size, makes a significant impact. We are stronger together!

Take a Virtual Tour of the NeXus

Click here to experience the virtual tour of the Learning NeXus yourself.

Your Message to the Moon

A 'moonshot' is an ambitious, exploratory, and groundbreaking project or goal that is seen as difficult or even impossible to achieve, much like the challenge of landing a human on the moon. Moonshots involve pushing the boundaries, just like we challenge our students to do at MIS.  If you could take a moonshot, what boundaries would you push?

What does Boundary-free Learning Mean to You