Fitness & Athletics Building

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This podcast was developed in connection with the construction of our new Fitness & Athletics Building (FAB):

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Thanks to the contributions from so many generous donors, the construction of the Fitness & Athletics Building (FAB) will be completed in the summer of 2022. We are still looking for donations so that we can provide our students with state-of-the-art equipment  and are hoping you will support us by making a gift.
Maximising student well-being and balance is a priority for MIS.

The new facility will house four gymnasiums for physical education, a fitness studio, dance and martial arts spaces, improved changing facilities, and spectator bleachers. Additionally, there will be space for the Sportverein and the Parent Teacher Verein, and the ability to serve as a whole-school assembly hall with space for up to 1,800 students, faculty, parents and visitors.

As the school has grown, it has become more challenging to accommodate our PE classes in our current indoor facilities. The new quadruple gym, fitness room, dance studio and multipurpose room will enable us to provide outstanding facilities for all our PE classes and help us increase the activity levels of all our students.

The athletic department, with numerous basketball and volleyball teams, will now be able to train and compete in state-of-the-art facilities. We will be able to welcome other International schools to large indoor tournaments, offering two show courts in the sports of basketball and volleyball with bleachers for 100’s of supporters to cheer on our teams in comfort and really develop our WILDCAT spirit.

We are also excited about our new café facilities which will be located in the centre of the new gymnasium. Large numbers of athletes can now be catered for during games and tournaments in the Booster Club Kitchen.