Learning NeXus

We believe that in 2040 every student will have an individual learning plan. Lessons and subjects will be a thing of the past. Project based and interdisciplinary learning will be the new normal. Students will learn with and from each other. Teachers will act as coaches who guide and support the learning processes. Learning will take place both on and off the campus with the support of digital platforms.

We have already started to design more and more units in our curriculum that require students to collaborate, share and develop ideas together. But now we are in need of more spaces where this kind of learning can take place. An inspiring place with flexible spaces, a futuristic classroom, the latest technology, cubicles for deep learning plus access to intellectual resources (Library) and technical support (IT Help Desk).

What is the Learning NeXus and what will it look like?

The Learning NeXus will be housed within the existing structure of our former sports hall. The NeXus is the heart of MIS - a place in the center of our campus where students expand their thinking by solving interdisciplinary problems that inspire them. It is an Open Learning Space, the new home of our Library and other important student support services like the IT Help Desk.

With bright open spaces to imagine new worlds, to brainstorm and hypothesize, and state-of-the-art technical equipment to explore and experiment, the MIS Learning NeXus will create the ideal atmosphere for students to dream, invent in an ever-changing digital world. Combining different subjects, but also different year groups, the NeXus aims to merge various elements of the curriculum to encourage innovative ways of thinking and building.

The NeXus will consist of various flexible spaces on two open levels – along the lines of our mission to Nuture, Challenge and Inspire

Lower Level – “Think Level”

The location where libraries support both digital and analogue research, ideation, and the construction of knowledge. Along with deep learning spaces where design facilitates students to immerse themselves in ideas and fosters their curiosity.

Upper Level – “Collaboration Level”

A pallet of spaces with designs that stimulate students to make their thinking visible and collabortive. One lab classroom to pilot new technologies and novel ways of teaching and learning.

Area in total: approx. 2,000 sqm floor space

Capacity: max. 140 Middle and Senior School Students

Do we really need the Learning NeXus?

Space shapes culture. We at MIS strongly believe that collaboration is the DNA of our school culture.  We have already started to create inspiring places where collaborative learning takes place: especially in the Makers' Lab but also our outside learning areas and science labs are excellent examples.

In order to offer our students a future oriented creative place and encourage them to learn from and with each other, we are still in need of more flexible spaces with the latest technology.

Apart from the positive effects on pedagogy and learning, physical and digital spaces designed to promote creative, collaborative work are an absolute must to defend our position as market leader. We are the first ones in the region to provide this kind of NeXus.

Please support our students by giving them the best possible tools to ensure sure they are well prepared for the future of learning by making a gift towards our Learning NeXus.

We are seeking to raise €3 million from donors in order to complete the building of our new Learning NeXus.

Thank you for your support!