Why Give to MIS?

In 1966 Munich International School opened up its doors for the first time in Harlaching. When the School relocated to Buchhof two years later, teachers and students were confronted with very improvised facilities and a lack of equipment. MIS consisted of three buildings. The Schloss and two barns, still known today as Haus München and Haus Schweiz, which had been used as horse stables.

Today MIS is able to offer extraordinary experiences to our students and community because many parents, grandparents, alumni, current and former teachers and staff, and other friends of the School have given generously throughout our 55 year history. Most parents are not aware that school fees only cover running costs.

We hope to involve every single member of our community in our drive to make MIS innovative, effective, and transformational for our students.

We are depending on you, so please consider making a gift today.


Why I gave to MIS!


Current Projects

Learning NeXus

Upon completion of the FAB, a ‘Learning NeXus’ will be housed within the existing structure of our current sports hall which would significantly increase the amount of quiet study space, as well as facilities and equipment to support inquiry-based, collaborative learning.

Fitness & Athletics Building

We are excited about our new Fitness & Athletics Building (FAB) which, thanks to our many donors, will open its doors for our students in August 2022.

Head of School Discretion Fund

As we work toward all of our strategic goals to make MIS future-ready and an inspiring and nurturing place for children to learn, gifts to the Head of School Discretionary Fund enable us to put your gifts toward our highest priority projects.