Academic Achievements

MIS students routinely excel in the areas of the arts, athletics, academics, service and leadership. With regard to academics, some parents ask how we know that our students are performing well in comparison to other schools and other school systems.

The answer: we benchmark our students’ academic performance using data from a range of innovative and externally validated assessment tools. Highlights of just a few sources of data that help us measure our students’ academic success can be found below.

  • IB Diploma average 36 (highest in region): The MIS Class of 2020 scored an average of 36 points in their IB Diplomas (World average: 29.9), 99% IB Diploma pass rate for MIS students (World average: 79%), 90% of subject results were above IB world averages.
  • Innovative MYP eAssessments – MIS is the only school in the region to offer these future-oriented assessments.
  • ISA / PISA comparison – MIS students achieve superior scores compared to those in all national systems, including Finland, Singapore, China, and other international schools.
  • IB Curriculum -- MIS was the first school in Bavaria to offer the programmes of the International Baccalaureate, and continues to offer an uninterrupted international curriculum from pre-school to Grade 12.